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Michael Wright: Born and raised in Northampton, is a Graphic Designer studying Graphic Communications at the University of Northampton. He spent two months at Nephew Media as part of an Internship. This is what he had to say about his time here…

by | 20th May 2016

Eager to work. Eager to Learn.

My name is Michael Wright and I am currently studying Graphic Communications at the University of Northampton. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship and no, this is not another intern with a kiss-ass attitude!

Receiving the news of my placement led to much excitement due to the interview earlier that day, not only selling me on the business, but also selling me on the team. It was clear from the 20 minute chat we had that day, that I would slot quite nicely into the outfit that is Nephew Media.

I was only hoping that the feeling would be reciprocated. It was clear that my excitement was well measured, walking in on my first day, I was welcomed with trademark Nephew smiles, a desk set up and the big pressure of the Monday morning jukebox! Later that day, after a humorous exchange, Neil said “I’ve got to say, I think you’re going to fit in well here.” As well as being much appreciated, this (and various conversations surrounding design and music) cemented my feeling of comfort in the office.

“An invaluable experience to say the least; the internship taught me close to as much as my University Degree has, over two and a bit years.”

Although I was immediately relaxed working at Nephew Media, I was eager to work and eager to learn. I ventured into the opportunity wanting to be like the clichéd ‘sponge’, absorbing information, tools and skills. Adding strings to my bow is always something I try to do and I was massively supported with this. Slowly ramping up my responsibilities and size of project I have worked on, allowed me to discover just how much you can learn from the smallest piece of ‘real-world’ design. In this respect there is no better mentor than Ben, his patience despite his own workload meant I felt comfortable in asking him any design question or request a critical eye over my work; including the newest skill being taught to me in web design.

Giving design meaning

Sharing the same ethos on design is perhaps one of the leading reasons for feeling comfortable at Nephew. Focusing on the meaning behind the design as well as its aesthetic value is important to me and I can safely say it is just as important to the guys at Nephew.

If I were to list everything I have learnt during my time, it would go on forever. An invaluable experience to say the least; the internship taught me close to as much as my University Degree has, over two and a bit years. That may seem exaggerated, but real-world experience is precious. I have always had confidence in abundance when it comes to other people, but by being in the Nephew office, I have learned a lot about client liaison and that not taking yourself too seriously goes a long way.

I sometimes felt strange referring to myself as an intern at Nephew, as the way I have been made to feel has been anything but. My previous work experience in banks has always stifled my creativity. Being able to flourish in a creative, fun working environment has shown me that the world of design is not quite as formidable as my university lecturers may have me believe.

Invaluable experience, coffee, football chat, design discussions, an education in good music, unbelievable support, confidence boosters, word of the day and endless puns — I really landed on my feet at Nephew Media.

Michael Wright worked as an intern at Nephew Media for four months between November 2015 & March 2016 and is now planning to travel around the world throughout 2016.

We wish Michael the best of luck on his travels.

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