Twoogle? A Google & Twitter Partnership.

We look at the mechanics of a brand new partnership between Twitter and Google and how it’s impact could potentially affect the success of your SERPs performance.

by | 27th May 2015

Tweets set to appear in Google searches!

Twitter have this month announced plans to partner with Google, to bring real-time and unique content into Google’s search results, namely Tweets!

Rolled out and trialled initially in the States, users searching for brands will be presented with relevant Tweets within Google search results. Plans to bring this feature to the UK and more countries are imminent.


Well, businesses that use Twitter to deliver real time content to it’s users, are certainly set to benefit from this major player tie-up. It may mean a more considered strategy for Twitter marketing and activity, however, the added benefits of Twitter content featured in Google search pages far exceed the negatives. With promotional Tweets prominently displayed, pro-active businesses and brands using Twitter shall gain an advantage over those who choose to avoid using the social network, or those who do not recognise it as a serious digital marketing platform. Active Tweeters have a greater chance of ranking higher on Google.

Twitter feed displayed on Google results page on mobile device

How Tweets will be displayed within Google search results

For users interested in hearing more from their favourite business, a quick search on Google will display the most recent Tweets from that particular @business. For users that take a particular interest in a brand or product, a #tag search for example #Adobe, results within Google are set to bring up the most relevant news and Tweets about the world’s largest software company.

With promotional Tweets prominently displayed on Google search pages, pro-active businesses and brands using Twitter shall gain an advantage over those who choose to avoid using the social network


There are considerations and at this moment in time, some unanswered questions around the use of the 140-character Tweets and how they will be archived in Google. Also, old, irrelevant, and even embarrassing messages may be easily accessible to the public for a long period of time.

When composing your next Tweet, ask yourself if this is something you wouldn’t mind showing up on Google search results twelve months from now?

Likewise, bad Twitter comments from disgruntled customers will leave a longer lasting imprint on Google search. Be sure to monitor Google’s search results pages for any mishaps. If you choose to reply to negative Tweets, be sure to remain professional and offer support to help appease the issue.

On the other hand, positive Tweets from customers may also show up on Google, proving to be invaluable as a customer testimonial, which is more powerful and genuine than almost anything a marketer can produce.


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