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Website Development Proposal for Remedy.

Presented to:
Freddie Murray & Anna Capell
— January 2022
Project Overview
Remedy aim to collaborate with a trusted and experienced partner to help rebuild their website:

Recognised as a timely opportunity to bring fresh perspective to their presence online and to raise profile.
There is also a desire to move away from the Squarespace system that currently powers the existing site.

Introduction of a new website will help to generate new enquiries enhancing business growth. It also paves the way for streamlined user journeys, the opportunity to promote client case studies and critically a new, custom design.


For Remedy, the objectives are clear. The new website must do the following:
  • Clearly & succinctly highlight who Remedy are and the healthcare services they provide
  • Improve how the specialist one on one, health services are presented and communicated
  • Be minimal, uncluttered and contemporary
  • Introduce in depth client case studies,  as opposed to written testimonials
  • Provide prospects with a path to cleanly navigate between services & relevant case studies
  • Be powered by an easy to use and intuitive CMS 
  • Maintain the Remedy logomark, yet with refreshed colour palettes and typefaces
  • Launch in March to coincide with activity in the US

Our Proposal

Our promise is simple.

Nephew will build Remedy a compelling new website that achieves all the required objectives and more. It will deliver exceptional user experience — on any device — and will engage clients to reacquaint with the Remedy story and their clients.

We will use Webflow to power the site, giving you full access to edit and evolve your website in the future.

Phases of development

Technology stack

Fast and scalable hosting, advanced security, dedicated partnership, and much more.
User feedback, Bookings, Retention, Interactions, Conversions, Visualisation Frequency, Google Analytics, A/B Split Testing
Social Media
Written Copy
Messaging, Story and Case Studies
Visual Builder
Page Builder
SEO control
Webflow CMS
SSl as standard, Password Protection, Auto Security Patching, Auto Backups
Webflow Hosting
Amazon Web Services infrastructure, HTTP2 Ready, Auto Scaling, CDN, Super fast and reliable
Building an audience

Key features of our site proposal for Remedy

Creating simplicity from complexity is key to delivering a web presence that delights users. A beautiful, well-designed solution will fail if users find it difficult to find the information they need, fast.

At the outset, we suggest implementing a simple navigation structure to ensure visitors can get info quickly and without hassle. We would combine this with a simple and clear approach to the site design.
As part of the new development, we propose to create a completely custom solution - for both design and development. Having a bespoke design means you get exactly what you want, how you want it, and creates the right emotion and engagement for your target audience.

Custom development takes it to the next level by providing an efficient and easy to use administration area making management of the site easy.
Our Webflow solution allows Remedy to be agile and flexible in website management. Added functionality can be added to the when it is needed and launching new pages and campaigns become a breeze.

Your favourite marketing tools can also be integrated to work in harmony with your site. Calendar systems, analytics tracking, CRMs, forms, job boards. Just the tip of the iceberg.
Quickly update your own website. Upload images, update copy without the reliance of a third party. All powered by Webflow.
Clients is what makes Remedy. The new site will always put the client in the spotlight. That means the Remedy site we propose will be always prioritise the clients and their successes.

Evidence of Expertise.

Our work is built on our ability to work together with clients. It's a marriage of your knowledge and our expertise. We've already completed many successful web projects for businesses in the Lifestyle, Sport and Entertainment space.
Browse a collection of our recent completed projects below.
“Our new website looks bloody awesome. Loads of great reaction!”
Richard Dawes
Owner of Dawbell
“Finally we have a site that looks like ours, works like ours and is ours. Great job, guys.”
Mofe Seye
Marketing Manager, Satellite414
“To the Nephew boys. Thanks for everything. Really, really appreciated.”
Craig David
“Our website is so good. Already it's helped on numerous occasions to gain us new business.”
Matt Dodds
Head of Ditto Management

Nephew —
Transforming Brands

Over the years, we’ve helped a pioneering drug development company create a revolution, played a key role in relaunching one of Britain’s best loved musicians back to number one, built an identity to raise awareness for autism in sport, and transformed the way people live their purpose.
We’ve done all these things by crafting visual identities that people love, designed and coded websites that engage, produced motion that stirs emotion and composed audio that amplifies brand stories.

Adding value. Creating advantage.


We build remarkable brands. Brands that are worth making a remark about. Branding is about expressing personality and values, building a coherent and consistent experience that connects with people and encourages trust so that they keep coming back for more.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logos and identity systems
  • Naming & messaging
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Communications

Web + Digital

Our aim is to create digital properties where brands can be experienced, not just visited. We use insight and intuition to think like a user does, and value clarity and storytelling in our approach to design.
  • User Experience
  • Interface Design
  • eCommerce
  • Webflow & WordPress
  • Hosting & Security
  • Support & Maintenance


The best way to connect with people is by telling stories. Stories that inspire, inform, relate and transform. Video and motion set the tone for a brand and help them come to life. We create motion with emotion — Explainer videos, logo stings, video productions, motion graphics and short films.
  • Script creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Live-action production
  • Motion graphics
  • Post-production & editing

Sonic branding

Audio is a strong identifier and is the emotional part of a brand. Like a visual identity, a brand’s sound identity supplements the visual and written elements and helps to communicate the brand. Audio Branding represents the identity and values of a brand in a unique and distinctive manner.
  • Audio logos
  • Branded music
  • Music supervision
  • Podcasting
  • Voiceovers


All our services are underpinned by clear thinking and strong ideas. Everything we do is aligned with our clients' business goals to create commercial advantage.

“It’s our mission to help our partners
achieve commercial success, to gain
a competitive advantage through
brand and design.”

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients – building their brands and reputations, changing their markets, and transforming their fortunes with proven, strategy-led models.

Our team of problem solvers, makers and doers have extensive industry experience. We’ve learnt that the better the relationship we have with a client, the better the work will be.

Budgets and deliverables

01. Planning
01.1 — Discovery session
01.2 — Current site audit
01.3 — Content architecture review
01.4 — Brand refresh
01.5 — User journey profiling
02. Design
02.1 — Styleboards
02.2 — Wireframes
02.3 — Site design
02.4 — User experience
03. Build
03.1 — Front-end build (HTML, CSS, JS)
03.2 — Back-end build (Webflow CMS)
03.3. — Animation & interaction
04. Pre-launch
04.1 — SEO setup
04.2 — 301 redirects
04.3 — Content upload
04.4 — Google Analytics integration
05. Post-launch
05.1 — Training
05.2 — 30 days support
1) Website Project — £7,250
2) Branding Exercise — £1,000

Total Investment — £8,250
Payment Options:
1. 50% Engagement fee, 25% upon design approval, 25% pre launch/delivery
2. 3 x Monthly Payments: £2,750 (ex VAT)
3. 6 x Monthly Payments: £1,375 (ex VAT)

*Quote excludes VAT
**Charges for hosting billed directly to Remedy from Webflow @ $16 USD per month

Next Steps

At this point, you should have everything you need from us.

But we know that questions and queries can come at any time.
We’re here for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch using the contact details on this page.
Neil Kerly
01604 978300