Sonic Branding

Like a sound you hear that lingers in your ear. Audio is a strong identifier and is the emotional part of a brand. Like a visual identity, a brand’s sound identity supplements the visual and written elements and helps to communicate the brand. Audio Branding represents the identity and values of a brand in a unique and distinctive manner.

Just like a normal logo, an audio logo is a unique and memorable identifier for a brand, product or service. It's a soundbite, often no longer than a few seconds long, that strengthens brand recognition and recall. Think of the sound you hear when starting up an Apple Mac, or pressing play on the next episode of your favourite series on Netflix (Ta-Dum).

Well, we make those. And we're good at it.  

Music plays a major role in creating just the right emotion at the right time. For brands, that means using music that portrays the same feeling as your visual identity.

We work with talented musicians to create custom music, packaged in a carefully curated set of moods. Working from a master composition, the same sounds, movement, expressions and hit points are used to create a collection of down, mid and up-tempo tracks. The result is the a consistent signature sound that can bend and flex to any and every brand touchpoint.

Searching, composing, licensing and recording music is hard. Finding what works best and what will complement your production is even harder. We help supervise music for anything you need: films, commercials, trailers, TV shows, games, apps, events or any other form of content. We'll help you choose the right music from existing libraries or compose totally customised sounds (see Branded Music). We'll also manage the licensing side of things ensuring IP is protected, copyright isn't infringed and royalties are paid to the right people. Music to your ears.  

Podcasting is a great way to build a community around a strong cultural movement and to share compelling stories. It also provides a unique platform for content creation and discussion. We help brands craft podcast content. Scripting, production, pacing, content. We do it all and we'll even let you use our recording facilities, if you need to.

We also have a network of talented voice-over actors that literally tell your story the way it needs to. We handle the whole process to ensure any audio or voice-over fits your brand exactly.