Video & Motion Graphics

The best way to connect with people is by telling stories. Stories that inspire, inform, relate and transform. Video and motion set the tone for a brand and help them come to life. We create motion with emotion — Explainer videos, logo stings, video productions, motion graphics and short films.

Today, people are much more attuned to watching videos about a product than look for various information on websites. A video can package your sales/product into an emotional and engaging story that increases your bottom line.

We often play a central role in the creation of language and tone of voice of brands. With this skill and experience, we collaborate with clients to write scripts that complement visual aesthetic and communicate your story succinctly and with precision. Have a script already? We can help edit and refine to tell your story how you want to.

Storyboards are the basic foundations of a production that serve to map out the visual sequence of an animation, motion graphic or film. Storyboards allow us to quickly plan out a production with all necessary components considered — script, audio, branding and key messaging. They then become the blueprint for the final production.

Live action is the process of filming actual actors and objects on sets, locations, or green-screen stage. We shoot, produce, and direct beautiful videos shot on larger than life stages, miniature sets, and everything in between.

In a nutshell (kurzgesagt), Motion Graphics is animated graphic design. We mainly focus our skill on 2D animation, creating Explainer Videos, Brand & Product Launches, UI animations, logo stings and infographics to bring your brand to life and connect with people emotionally. Explainer videos take a complex process or concept, then uses animation to break down the process to manageable chunks that tell the complete picture. It is a way to help people emotionally connect with your brand through beautiful storytelling.

Any film, video or motion graphic needs to be augmented with sound audio. We have close connections in the music industry that gives us a real advantage in producing custom audio for any production: jingles, musical beds, soundtracks and more. We also have a network of talented voice-over actors that literally tell your story the way it needs to. We handle the whole process to ensure any audio or voice-over fits your brand exactly.

Sometimes what comes straight out of camera just doesn’t make the cut. Clips need to be carefully edited together to satisfy storyboards and scripts. Footage needs to be colour graded to set the right tone and feeling. Special effects need to be added to add further context and interest. We diligently focus on every detail in post production so the final piece hits the right spot.