Say Hello to Periscope!

Friendster, Digg, iTunes Ping?

Which new social network will be the next big game changer?

by | 01st May 2015

Our passion and love for Social Media, by default, breeds interest for changes in social technologies. Mainly to see which of the new channels stand the greatest chance of making a mark in the social networking game.

Let’s face it, platforms come and go (Friendster, Digg, iTunes Ping anyone?) and not so long ago, we were introduced to Super, a network for sharing highly styled images and photos. Sound familiar? Early adopters caused a stir of excitement around it’s launch, however, this new kid on the block hasn’t (to date) fully found it’s way to the social networking leaderboard.

So which of the new platforms has the legs to make that change – to rival the Facebook’s and LinkedIn’s of this world?


Well, say hello to Periscope! Twitter’s new live streaming mobile application, allowing users to live stream video content directly from their mobile devices, to grouped or indeed wider audiences.

This app has excited the Nephew offices of late, due to the scope and endless opportunity the platform offers businesses and brands as well as it’s users. Not to mention the fact that we had the pleasure in exchanged conversation with, live from their rehearsal room… indie popsters Scouting for Girls!!


Businesses and brands now have the capabilities to broadcast live, using real time video. Brilliant!

Take for example a business exhibiting at an event. The ability to stream live video content direct from the event stand to clients and customers, showcasing new products and engaging with the social conversation around the exhibition. Restaurants – why not provide users with a live broadcast from the kitchens, as you broadcast to diners that evening’s dishes, made up of fresh ingredients, cooked by your passionate head chef. “Say hello to our Head Chef!”

The in-app live chat facility gives businesses and brands the ability to interact with their audience, answer questions, respond to commments and queries – all in real time. The opportunities are endless. Periscope is giving businesses and brands the ability to create their own channels for live broadcasting.


Concerns have been voiced around misuse of Periscope and TV piracy, with some users streaming the latest episodes of Game of Thrones and live sporting events. That said, there is a lot to be said for potential poor streaming quality – taking the edge off the viewing experience for this type of content. A trend that will surely wear off over time, if not stamped out by the authorities.

Streaming of illegal content aside, Periscope for businesses and brands certainly looks promising. It is an app Nephew will certainly take seriously for, and on behalf of, clients.

But who knows? We were all jumping up and down over Super two months ago, weren’t we? Periscope could easily find itself removed from our devices before you know it. That said, the game changer here for businesses and brands is the scale of reach using rich and engaging content, namely live video footage!

Have a play on iOS or Android. Tell us what you think! Comments welcome below.

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