Finding the why?

Our first focus was to understand the need for change. Research amongst customers, staff and partners told us that the old Classeq brand had become stale, with little market familiarity or brand equity. Internal concerns were also raised about fragmented communications across company infrastructure, devaluing the Classeq experience around the world. A new, coherent system was needed to combat inconsistencies.

To steer the project and maintain clarity, we created a dedicated project blog. Every stakeholder benefited from total transparency and could share in the decision making process. Having a single source of truth meant that all members of the team had their voices heard.

Defining the proposition

Early on in the project, we learnt that in conjunction with the development of a new brand identity, the engineers at Classeq were also exploring a new style for their flagship glass and dishwasher range.

Each model was to be redesigned to emphasise simplicity and user-friendly experience — two major attributes that were eventually distilled into three pillars: Simple, Affordable, Quality. These innate qualities form the basis of the new Classeq identity.

Not just a tagline.
A philosophy

Classeq stands for simplicity. Every facet of the brand reinforces this message.

We needed a way to articulate this meaning into something empowering — something that would act as an aspirational ethos for all Classeq employees. Warewashing Made Simple was born.

Brand without borders

The new brand mark oozes simplicity and quality, combined with a rigid hierarchical type system that utilises accessible fonts — vital in ensuring consistency across the entire organisation.

To augment the visual identity, we built an online style guide to steer roll-out across the spectrum of global partners.

After finalising the new brand mark, identity system, tagline and style guide, we rolled out the remaining collateral; from corporate stationery to advertising and beyond.

“Our new identity mirrors our emphasis on simplicity, quality and affordability. Our customers’ experience is at the heart of everything we do, and with our new contemporary branding we’re focusing on delivering long-term benefits to our customers and the Industry in which we operate.”

– David Smithson, CEO, Classeq UK .

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