South West Trains

South West Trains takes care of 230 million passenger journey's every year. With a commitment to converting at least 18% of passengers from season tickets to electronic plastic cards, Nephew Media worked with SWT to produce an explainer video animation for ‘Smartcard' - an intelligent device, the size of a credit card, that electronically stores passenger tickets.

The South West Train teams objective was to explain the cards main features, whilst highlighting its ease of use and how to acquire one through their online platform.

  • Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Voiceover


Following an initial launch campaign, introducing Smartcard as a new product, the team at South West Trains aimed to build awareness of the product’s features and benefits.

The team recognised the benefit of deploying an explainer animation to communicate the important details to its customers to ensure clarity and avoid confusion. The final animation would form part of the South West Trains Smartcard web page alongside other Smartcard information.

A shorter, bitesize version of the animation was also produced for distribution across social channels to ensure maximum exposure across its customer base.

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Upon discovery phase, it became evident that the video needed to be clear and precise. We had to answer important customer questions: What is it? How does it work? How can I get one?

These points became the skeleton for our storyboarding process and script. We also had to be mindful of how all the elements could scale down into a much shorter social video.

Close collaboration with the South West Trains team meant we were able to develop a style for the video that not only complemented other brand materials but also had it’s own definitive look and feel. Regular client check-ins and continuous iteration throughout the development process ensured progress within a very strict deadline.


Once the initial video had taken form, we began work on a shorter edit that focused on key features and call to actions. This video would be uploaded to Facebook in order to drive footfall to the website and the primary explainer video.

We had to be mindful of how all the elements could scale down to a much shorter video for social media.

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