SpaceVac are the world’s leading manufacturers of high level vacuum cleaning and inspection systems. Their pioneering technology is revolutionising gutter cleaning, high level interior cleaning and high level inspection.

Since 2012, Nephew Media has been the creative, digital and social partner of one of Northampton’s fastest growing technology company’s, assisting with the launch of headquarters in South Africa and Australia.

Throughout this partnership, Nephew Media has helped to establish SpaceVac as an industry leader by delivering high quality sales & marketing assets, devising and executing engaging social media campaigns and developing an intelligent and robust international e-commerce website.

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Nephew were intially approached by SpaceVac to help introduce their business to the world of social media. From the outset, SpaceVac were quick to recognise that social media would play a crucial role in their marketing mix to increase brand awareness to a wider, targeted audience.

Operating in the world of B2B, it made sense to utilise social profiles including Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as the social channels of choice, so these in turn were activated and optimised.

As part of devising a SMO strategy, we quickly ascertained SpaceVac prospects and target audiences. We looked at the KPI’s set by Senior Management and created relevant content to help drive promotions and aid sales of those products. With multiple exhibitions and events spread across the seasonal marketing calender, it is here that the social channels play a huge role in brand promotion for SpaceVac and their presence as exhibitors.

Pro-active planning saw the creation of targeted content distribution – pre and post events – again helping to raise SpaceVac’s profile in line with business objectives.

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SpaceVac system in use


As the Nephew and SpaceVac partnership flourished, the apparent need for a new website came to light.

Their current CMS was limited and wasn’t providing SpaceVac with enough flexibility to further enhance their web presence. The lack in design quality and user experience left a lot to be desired.

As SpaceVac expanded and increased it’s market share, it was clear new website designs needed to reflect this growth. Additional requirements needed to demonstrate the ‘reach’ and capabilities of the SpaceVac product but also needed to be presented in an engaging environment and, more importantly, facilitate enquiries online. It was also a major requirement that the site needed to be built on a CMS that they could maintain and update themselves. We opted for WordPress for it’s huge flexibility and ease of use for non-techies.

SpaceVac website designs

SpaceVac Products


Following results of a briefing session, it was established that existing video content, demonstrating the SpaceVac equipment, played a major role in the sales and promotion of the product. Creating a home page that featured the video demonstration was a key part of the redesign. We also had to find a way to include multiple product images, promoting the expanding range, accessories and consumables.

Working closely with SpaceVac made for a tight collaboration between Senior Management and the Nephew team. Regular strategies and concepts were created by the Nephew team and delivered to SpaceVac to ensure the project consistently met business objectives with it’s target audience in mind.

Modal video window

Spacevac product detail


As SpaceVac’s rapid growth continued, so did the demand for the product. Despite active sales teams on the ground in the UK and South Africa, discussions around introducing an e-commerce element to the website meant production went into another round of development.

The home page was reimagined, after detailed analysis of site performance and user habits, to make the user journey much more compelling. We redesigned the introductory banners to feature more product based content and reduced the focus on promotional video. More emphasis was placed on products in general and the homepage extended to display more news posts – one of the most popular areas of the site.

For the e-commerce aspects of the site, we incorporated WooCommerce into the WordPress environment to extend it’s feature set to allow product data to be included in the existing site. This meant that site administrators could continue to manage the site through just one portal – a huge time saver. Using WooCommerce meant that the brochure site would transform into a store front for online selling of the SpaceVac systems. This was combined with the SagePay payment gateway for safe and secure selling.

Following a thorough collaborative review of the desired shopping process, the Nephew design team created a unique shopping experience that allowed users to configure their own SpaceVac systems. Additional accessories, configurations and camera units could be added on direct from the same product page, thanks to Ajax technology.

All product pages were designed as feature rich landing pages, showcasing each SpaceVac system as they were intended.

SpaceVac website. Old vs New

SpaceVac Shopping Cart Menu

SpaceVac Ecommerce website


From exhibitions & events, overseas launches, to editorials and advertorials, email maketing and adword campaigns, SpaceVac has a constant flow of campaign initiatives that need a web presence on the new website. With each campaign varying in scale, we created a range of content to support campaigns of all sizes. We’ve launched custom-designed landing pages alongside the categories that use the CMS to curate and manage campaign-specific content.

SpaceVac editorial Cleaning Matters

SpaceVac Advertising Nephew Media

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