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"ForuMM provides the spark to push forward micromobility across the UK."
Ben Morgan, Head of Creative, Nephew
Brief Summary

Craft an accessible and innovative identity for a micromobility-focused, government funded guidance group.

Created as a joint initiative between Innovate UK and the Connected Places Catapult, ForuMM is a government-funded initiative dedicated to the success of micromobility in the UK. ForuMM's main aims are to connect public sector leaders with industry insight, learning, and innovation that is crucial to promoting effective micromobility services.

Or in simple terms, ForuMM exists to promote the growth of micromobility (vehicles lighter than 300kg, like e-scooters and e-bikes) and empower industry leaders with all the info they need to drive its adoption and use.

Following a colleague referral, Nephew were chosen to craft a proposition from scratch, including name, visual identity and landing page.
ForuMM: Clear, direct, utilitarian with just a little bit of 'huh?'.

Our original brief called for a name that was inclusive, innovative and a little bit 'wonky'. As a government funded initiative, the name had to demonstrate the proposition clearly but in a slightly unusual way. It had to shout 'micromobility', 'conversation', 'collaboration', 'leadership'.
We considered many different angles: coined terms, associated puns, acroynms and tech-oriented, but we kept coming back to the name ForuMM with a unique visual twist of an additional 'M' that allowed us to represent 'MicroMobility'. Phonetically, the name ForuMM suggests a medium where ideas and views can be exchanged. Perfect.
Forumm Moving Britain Forward
Brand Identity
As with every branding project, we always start with immersion — a deep and meaningful between Nephew and brand stakeholders that questions the intent of the original brief and yields usable insights that influence future decisions.

For ForuMM, the critical filters and associations were centred around reliability, expertise, innovation and collaboration. It needed to represent forward-motion and invite people into the conversation.
What does it feel like?
We're obsessed with how things feel. Anyone that interacts with a brand has an innate feeling towards it. ForuMM ignites a spark. Empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to embrace and drive micromobility forward, sparking ideas and conversation.

The logo exemplifies this, merging two concentric spinning wheels, formed from individual 'sparks' that work together to power movement. Combined with progressive shapes and fluid movement, the overall identity feels fast-paced and innovative, injecting life into micromobility.
Steering the Conversation
We encompassed everything ForuMM does into a short concise tagline: "Steering the conversation on micromobility", communicating an inspirational and literal meaning for the brand.
Forumm UK landing page
Huge appreciation must go out to the team that provided such valuable insight and guidance along the way: David Leipziger and Karla Jakeman at Innovate UK (UKRI), and Michael Edwards at Connected Places Catapult. As true lovers of e-bikes and e-scooters, and advocators of clean transport, we're excited to see where ForuMM takes us next.

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