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We live in an experience economy and design is key to creating meaningful and engaging customer experiences. Compelling stories are the foundation to building these experiences and good design helps to tell them in a unique, innovative and simplistic way.

Your organisation has a story. Nephew Media can help walk you through a comprehensive design process to help you refine and tell that story. We know business doesn’t just rely on design to look good. It has to perform.

With your close involvement, we gather information and examine your business and industry in order to best visually interpret your organisation.

Engaging design. Delivering results.

Your brand is all that you communicate visually and otherwise to portray the personality of your organisation, it’s products and services. It is not simply a logo. A logo stands as an emblem for all that the brand encompasses.

To help maintain consistency in delivering your brand story, Nephew Media creates compelling visual identities that express your personality, values and competitive edge.

Helping you to navigate what can be a complex design process, we offer integrated thinking, powerful ideas, reassuring value and trusted expertise. Because we know that to you it’s more than just design. It defines who you are, what you do and why people should buy into you.

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Style Guides = Brand consistency.

Once your identity is defined, we also deliver customised style guides that set out to define how your brand communicates in the real world. A typical guide defines the use of typefaces, colour palettes and marketing collateral across various print & digital mediums, helping you to maintain brand consistency.

Brand Animation
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