The office and commercial landscape is changing. Spaces are evolving. BC Workspace are expert interpreters of space, facilitating change for tenants and landlords. We helped create a new brand identity that would communicate their total commitment to building the perfect commercial space.


Branding, Logo Design & Identity Systems, Messaging, Website Design & Development

All under one roof.

BC’s biggest challenge was to communicate the standard and diversity of skill they bring to potential clients — tenants, landlords and surveyors. Their philosophy? Make the process simple and easy. Our challenge was to rip up a tired and outdated identity (infamously known as ‘the wing mirror’) and instil a new customer-centric energy.

Multi Story Identity.

For tenants and landlords, value lies in bringing a vision to reality. Taking innovative ideas and projecting them into the available physical space.

The key advantage for BC Workspace is an in-house team that covers every aspect of a project, most importantly, the design phase. High fidelity plans are created using a method called ‘Oblique Projection’ (used to produce two-dimensional images of three-dimensional objects).

The new identity focuses explicitly on these two facets of customer value and competitive advantage, to form what we call ‘The Projection’ — an abstract living cube that transforms and morphs to fit any space.

Projecting the right image.

One enduring aspect of the identity that remained was the colour orange. Not just any orange, but BC Workspace orange. Derived from the 2011 ‘Own A Colour’ campaign by Dulux that allowed any organisation to ‘own’ one of the 16.77 million colours on a computer screen. Adopting this colour allowed us to maintain some of the history of the brand but also stand out in a traditionally conservative market.

BC Workspace Orange

BC Workspace Blue

BC Workspace Cream

Digital Refurb.

As part of the rebrand, we also designed and developed the BC Workspace website. Built completely from the ground up, the site was totally reinvented with new architecture, structure and purpose.

Instead of just showcasing services, the site was repositioned to help customers understand the process, demystify industry jargon and provide insight into the world of commercial fit-out.

BC Workspace website home page by Nephew
BC Workspace website Project page by Nephew

"We approached Nephew at a time of planned expansion. This meant we needed to reinvent our visual identity and develop a more 'grown-up' website that spoke to and engaged our target market. The Nephew team kept tightly to the brief and delivered swiftly. We're over the moon with the outcome; we've already seen a hugely positive response from the market we were reaching out to."

– Alison Parker, Director, BC Workspace.

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