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"The ‘i’ within Spautism, positioned at the centre of the word, is utilised as a symbol to represent the individual behind it."
Ben Morgan, Head of Creative, Nephew
Brief Summary

Create an optimistic brand for people to be inspired by.

Spautism (Sport and Autism (UK) CIC) is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of experience for autistic people competing, spectating or working within sport.

The aim for Spautism is to give people with autism the opportunity to learn and develop employability skills and improve their prospects on a broader scale. It also supports clubs and organisations looking to provide a more inclusive environment for autistic employees, supporters and visitors.

In early 2020, Spautism visionaries, Chris Rivett and Tom Cliffe, approached Nephew to be their creative partner in evolving the Spautism identity.
All for a good cause
For a number of years, Nephew had been searching for a charity or non-profit organisation to partner with, as part of our commitment to do more in the community. Autism isn't widely understood in the general population, and we felt we could add some value in forming a coherent identity that would go some way to making it clearer. And, as sport lovers, the opportunity to work with Spautism seemed to be the perfect fit.
The new identity is a merger between the words 'sport' and 'autism' and, visually, puts the autistic individual right at the heart. The most synonymous symbol of sport is a ball, so we used this to define the sporting element within the organisation, and also used its movement to emphasise the word 'autism', cleverly disguising the letter 'i' which, visually, represents the head and body of an individual.

The logo itself needed to sit alongside and support many other organisational marks such as on team jerseys, advertising boards and sporting collateral. So, it was important to ensure that it stood out without taking centre stage. We built in flexibility across the whole identity with a broad colour palette and various formats and lockups that could be used in different applications.

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