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"Satellite414 really tested us with this project, but I'm so happy with the outcome. And to be recognised by Awwwards as well is phenomenal."
Paul Bergin, Digital Designer & Developer, Nephew
Brief Summary

A new site for Satellite414 to communicate their creative and edgy approach to entertainment PR.

Satellite414 is one of the leading independent entertainment consultancies in the world, representing a diverse roster of artists, personalities, brands and events. With an artist-first approach, S414's creative and effective methods deliver 'real impact' that shape an artists story and achieve their long-term aspirations.

After seeing our work with DawBell, the team at Satellite414 worked with Nephew to craft a site worthy of attention.
As a relative newcomer in the entertainment PR industry, the internal team needed help to flesh out how they communicated their offering online. Since birth, the only trace of Satellite414 online was a basic landing page with contact details and short bio. Now ready to lift the lid on a full site, the emphasis was on creating immediate impact with visitors. The strategy was 'excite first, inform second'.
Step one was an immersive discovery session where the main directing team at Satellite414 shared their vision, mission and plans for the future. This enabled us to carry out a full audit of functionality and content and recommend a strategy for information architecture — where content should go and how people will find it.

We also identified that the administration of the site had to be simple, easy and automated, where possible, to reduce the time and effort required to manage site content.
For Satellite414, a successful site would be clear and simple to browse but with a unique edge. The goal was for it to be a place where represented artists would come to the surface. At every point, we reimagined standard ways of presenting information and gave it a unique spin, to represent how Satellite414 like to do things differently, creating moments of surprise and delight.

The core of the design was based on short snippets of text, black and white colour (try the dark / light toggle) and bold typography. Colour is introduced subtly and is mainly delivered through big, bold imagery. Each artist on the roster has its own signature colourway, giving them a dedicated visual space.
Powered by the WordPress CMS, the whole site is editable and easy for internal admins to change when they need to. We built in a few unique technologies that compress, resize and reformat uploaded images to save on file size and maintain lightning fast load times.

The Representing page features a bespoke directory system where all artists are automatically categorised by type and ordered alphabetically. Each artist 'page' has a signature colour way that can be adjusted right in the back-end using a colour picker to match tones from their own identity or from their hero image.

We also built a sophisticated animation system for the Covers page, showcasing prestigious editorial covers that Satellite414 have secured for their artists. The whole page loads on an automated looping scroll that displays more covers upon hover.
After launch, the site attracted huge attention and positioned Satellite414 as a major player in the industry.

The site was also recognised with an Honourable Mention and Mobile Excellence Award by Awwwards — an industry appreciation site that recognises excellence in web design, creative and development.

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