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"Our website is so good. Already it's helped on numerous occasions to gain us new business."
Matt Dodds, Head of Ditto Management
Brief Summary

Create a site that sings in a noisy, competitive space; allow artists to take centre stage.

Born in the summer of 2019, Ditto Management is the artist & talent management division of independent digital distribution powerhouse, Ditto Music. With a clear manifesto — to break and represent fresh new talent in a new world of promotion — Ditto MGMT represents a diverse roster of talent such as Big Zuu, Nathan Dawe and Niko B.

Head of Ditto MGMT, Matt Dodds, reached out off the back of our work with Craig David and JEM Artists, to craft their new website and put together some branded tools to help them communicate to the world.
Being the new kid on the block meant there were virtually no assets to work with. Very little in the way of messaging and certainly no media content. How do you make something out of nothing with no raw materials? This is where we excel.

The discovery phase provides an opportunity to ask questions and learn. How does the company work? What makes it unique? Why does it even exist? And what difference does it make to people's lives? What feelings and experiences should they have? The results of the discovery helps to frame a concise brief where creative ideas can flow from.
The Process
Having worked with the team behind Ditto MGMT before, we knew we'd enjoy trust and transparency from the start. Ditto's focus is all about the artist; giving them a spotlight to showcase who they are and what they do.

The ultimate goal for the site was to show that Ditto is not a normal management company. They think beyond just music, understanding and utilising social media, Spotify, TikTok and Instagram deeply as platforms that open doors for other exciting opportunities, such as TV. This 'not-normal' spirit guided our creative decision-making at every step.
Without a core set of guidelines for the brand, the visual expression for Ditto MGMT had to be defined as we designed. We consulted with the head of brand at Ditto Music, James Keane, to craft a style that would be distinctive but also part of the Ditto family.

The result is an ultra-slick user interface combining muted colours, an extended cut of Linotype's Helvetica Neue 73 Pro, rich imagery and subtle CSS & JS animations.

The new site was always going to be managed internally by the in-house team via CMS. They were already familiar with WordPress, and, with news and updates being at the core of content, it made sense to use our expertise with the WP framework to deliver an efficient and easy-to use system.

The Roster was the main hub of the site, giving each talent a dedicated space to tell their story, promote their latest releases, appearances or collaborations, and communicate updates. Not all talent on the roster are musicians, so we built a custom feed that would automatically switch and replace page elements to show relevant information. Musicians would contain a discography feed, whereas TV personalities would contain a feed of latest news.
The Outcome
Our key metric for Ditto MGMT was awareness and engagement. As a new business, the site needed to make a statement and get people to take notice. New business and talent were top of the agenda. Since launch, the site has helped Ditto end their first year with talent collecting three top 40 singles, a No. 4 single and host a TV show.
"No rules, a pandemic, and building the plane as we flew. Just the type of project we like!"
Paul Bergin, Digital Designer & Developer, Nephew

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