Unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning.

Usage: “They’re a remarkable design studio!”

We are designers, developers, writers, storytellers and content makers with unequivocal love for our craft and the passion to deliver exceptional work — in collaboration with our clients — that combines strategy and commercial thinking.


Nephew creates brands, builds digital products, produces motion with emotion and experiences that market business and brands.

We align the goals of your organisation to the needs of customers & communities, using design to get results.

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We think first and do second. We ask challenging questions to understand where you want to go and work up a plan to get there.

Although we have polished processes, every project and client is unique, so we assemble the right team to get the job done. And because we’re a small team, you get to meet and collaborate with the people who actually do the work. That way, ideas flow much more freely.

1. You're just our type

2. Design for the user

3. Methodology rules

4. Stay classy

5. Keep it simple

6. Never stop learning


Nephew is a small, tight-knit family of skilled individuals that conceive remarkable ideas. We're small by design. Small means we can be fast, nimble and adaptable. And because we're small, we're not afraid to challenge the status quo and make brands noticeable.
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We love to work with clients that know what they want to achieve, have the bravery to challenge convention and like to make smart decisions.


We're located in a converted, former 4 storey period factory called The Old Granary in the heart of the UK. Our offices form part of the NN Workspace, a co-working space where people connect + grow. The NN Workspace is a relaxed but busy space offering hot-desks where our clients can pitch up for the day and work alongside our team.


Nephew exists to create remarkable things that make customers, stakeholders, employees and fans take notice. Every business and brand is fighting for attention to sell products, services, tickets or let the world know of the next big thing.

It's our mission to help our partners achieve their goals by thinking smartly, challenging convention and creating remarkable things that get people to talk.


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