FluCamp's goal is to more efficiently pair suitable volunteers to appropriate studies, using digital & traditional tools to reduce the cost per lead while always improving the brand experience for volunteers.


Improving the experience

At the start of our engagement, we set to work on improving FluCamp’s existing volunteer application form, powered by WuFoo. Although the form functioned to a good standard, the interface was inconsistent with the FluCamp brand, was inefficient for most volunteers and ultimately impacted potential conversion rates.

We crafted a custom PHP solution that integrated with WordPress and utilised Material design to improve the UI and complement FluCamp’s visual identity. We improved user experience by combining intelligent dynamic logic, conditional fields and progress markers to ensure volunteers knew what they had to do at each step of the process.


Celebrating the Everyday Heroes

Following successful launch of the form, the FluCamp team required a coherent communication strategy, for both messaging and visual identity, to encompass all volunteer touchpoints.

We began a detailed discovery phase to understand the motivations of why volunteers sign up to a clinical study. Alongside the more obvious motivations, such as monetary compensation, we identified that many volunteers feel inspired to ‘help the cause’ and offer themselves to the advancement of medical science. We singled these people out as ‘Everyday Heroes’ — ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things.

We built a narrative around the ‘Everyday Hero’ and focused FluCamp’s messaging around this powerful concept.

Communicating the brand

Based on the Everyday Hero, we led a refresh of all volunteer communications, such as data capture forms, website, marketing reading material and guides, digital advertising, video explainers and merchandise.

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