Best of both worlds

From the outset of the project, we devised a series of workshops to identify why rebranding Insight Guides was necessary. We spent two days collaborating with the IG team to uncover the company’s history and brand story. Doing this enabled us to have direct access to key stakeholders and to get to the heart of where Insight Guides was headed.

We conducted staff interviews, profiled target audiences, researched competitors and immersed ourselves in the community to define the future for Insight Guides.

Armed with all the research we needed, we headed back to HQ to begin the task of creating the new brand identity.

To keep the Insight Guides team involved throughout the process, we created a dedicated online blog called ‘Defining Insights’. This allowed us to share our continued development with the team and for the individual stakeholders to input, comment and interrupt at any time, ensuring that their voices were always heard.

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Insight Guides brand workshop
Insight Guides brand development
Defining Insights Blog

Moving from traditional publishing to the digital age

Despite being incredibly knowledgable and having a huge library of travel information, the existing brand had it’s roots firmly planted in the traditional publishing world. The majority of the Insight Guides products – guide books, maps and globes – are physical printed products. To diversify and maintain the needs of their community, Insight Guides were looking towards new digital channels to expand their brand reach and value to it’s users.

As such, the new brand identity had to resonate with a modern audience – without alienating it’s history and heritage – and be adapted for use across a wide range of online and offline channels.

We began the rebranding process by defining what we learnt in the workshop phase and delivering this back to the Insight Guides team for approval. We identified that culture, authenticity and unique experience were the key overriding themes that needed to be explored.

Inspired with a clear direction, we dived into theorising the new brand platform by creating a loose mission statement, brand promise, positioning, personality, tone of voice and associations. Once approved, we began to explore some early visual brand identity concepts.

Development of the Insight Guides visual identity

A symbol of exploration

The new brand marque fuses both the old and the new by taking elements of the previous brand identity – the walking eye – combined with the compass – a symbol of exploration and discovery that is recognised throughout the world. This fusion creates a marque that encompasses all that Insight Guides stands for and stands as a hallmark of all Insight Guides produced content.

Bookended by the logotype – a custom variant of DIN Condensed published by ParaType — the combination of the logotype and the marque creates the brand master logo.

Insight Guides App icon
Insight Guides Guide Book

Plan It. Visit.

Our challenge was to produce a strapline that fused both the core elements of the brand: the planning of and the facilitation of trips around the world.

“Plan It. Visit.” was the perfect choice.

This phrase neatly explains what services Insight Guides delivers to it’s users (forward planning and facilitation of trips) but also acts as a subliminal order that beautifully guides travellers to plan before they visit a destination. The strapline can also be interpreted phonetically as “Planet. Visit.” which acts as an inspirational cue to travel the globe.

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