Dr. Kevin Dutton is an extraordinary individual. By day, he's a research psychologist at the University of Oxford. By night, he's a best-selling author, broadcast personality and expert in what makes a psychopath — both good and bad.Nephew were approached by M&C Saatchi Merlin to collaborate with 'Dr. Kev' to develop a new website and identity.


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The Psychology Guy

It’s quite easy to make immediate judgements on people when we first meet them. In fact, we’re programmed to do so. But with Dr. Kevin Dutton, it’s just impossible. At first, an extremely astute and intelligent academic with a distinctly rock-n-roll alter ego.

But in a short amount of time, what surfaces is a sharp-witted orator with a deadpan comedic disposition. In short — a complex character with many sides.

Our aim was to encapsulate ‘Dr. Kev’s’ personality in a coherent identity. We did so in an exploration of contrast and juxtaposition. Black vs White. Yin vs Yang. Good vs Bad.

Kevin Dutton at Oxford University © Mark Bassett
Kevin Dutton on the stairs at Oxford University © Mark Bassett

Punk Psychology.

Dr. Kev cautiously describes his modus operandi as ‘Punk Psychology’. He doesn’t like to do things the orthodox way. Decades of mastering the art of persuasion were followed by studying the common traits of psychopathy and how they are shared not just by murderers and evil tyrants, but by captains of industry, business leaders and politicians.

We zoned in on this idea of contrast, creating an identity that is raw, jarring and distorted on one side; and refined, ordered and intentional on the other.

American Psycho

Exploring through styleboards.

We started by exploring a range of ideas with Dr. Kev’s team honing in on three variant styles. we produced styleboards that combine imagery, colour, texture, layout and type styles to build a visual snapshot of the identity. The styles were reviewed, tweaked and refined before we unanimously agreed on an overall style that suited Kev’s unique personality.

Jekyll & Hyde.

The logo for Dr Kevin Dutton manifests itself as a wordmark mashup, mixing a custom cut of Blood Scratch with Matrix II by Emigre Fonts. Inspired by the story of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, it perfectly embodies the dichotomy of Dr. Kev’s personality and the nature of his research of psychopathy and persuasion.

We selected primary colours that sometimes harmonise and sometimes clash dependent on tone and intent. Torn paper and distressed texture adds depth and rawness to heighten the sense of anxiety.

Blogs, vlogs for desktop and mobile.

The final piece of the jigsaw was to rebuild Dr. Kev’s online blog to align with the new identity. Content included Dr. Kev’s own personal blogs and vlogs, promotion of his best selling books and new releases, and easy access to book Dr. Kev for TV appearances and keynote speaking.

We added lots of features to reinforce Dr. Kev’s brand personality. Each home page refresh loads a random background image of Dr. Kev, keeping the entry point fresh and dynamic.

Page layouts are built based on an 8px grid, maintaining structure and organisation. Distressed textures and contrasting typography maintains the sinister hallmarks of his identity.

Built around a CMS, we made it easy for Dr. Kev and his team to continually add to his archive of thought-provoking blogs or embed video clips.

Visualising the mind.

An additional feature we added to the site were independently crafted illustrations for each major new blog article. This helped to visually articulate the key talking points within the blog and to heighten engagement.

The Greatest Showman.

Suave, articulate and full of insight, Dr. Kev makes for the ideal thought-leader in the field of psychology, psychopathy and persuasion. In recent years, Dr. Kev has appeared on shows such as Good Morning Britain, BBC World’s Talking Business, RT News, BBC Radio 4’s ‘Museum of Curiosity’, Channel 4’s ‘Psychopath Night’ and Dave’s ‘Jon Richardson: The Ultimate Worrier’. He has also spoken at prestigious events and conferences such as the London Business Forum, Happy Talk at The Rubin Museum of Art, Leaders in Sport’s ‘Sport Performance Summit’, to name a few.

We crafted a showreel of his many appearances as part of his Electronic Press Kit (EPK) to give event organisers and talent bookers a flavour of the expertise and experience Dr. Kev can bring to broadcast and live events.

"When I worked with Nephew Media I didn't just collaborate with a team of drop-dead shrewd brand designers with their fingers on the pulse, I was embraced by a rare bunch of psychological ninjas who 'get you' better than you get yourself! They went with me, behind me and often many streets ahead of me on my journey."

– Dr. Kevin Dutton

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