Brand Evaluation

The very first step was to evaluate the organisation to it’s core essence to identify what made Sandoro unique. Every member of the team lent their magic to the project.

On a very basic level, Sandoro revitalises old machinery by transforming them into usable products. On a more complex, but equally important, level Sandoro is able to maintain affordability by being exclusively online and can deliver service excellence, thanks to it’s vast network of service providers.

We challenged ourselves to merge these attributes into an identity that remained simple, strong and memorable.

Hitting the (word)mark

The visuals had to be bold, approachable, simple but powerful. After a round of rapid concepting, we identified it would be virtually impossible to incorporate the ethos of Sandoro using just a simple wordmark. We turned our attentions to creating a unique and memorable symbol that would do the job.

At the same exploration stage, we also hit upon the phrase ‘As good as new’ as a strapline for the brand. This clever addition portrays the very basics of what Sandoro does — transform the old into new.

“We sketched and tested different symbols and shapes using the letter 'S' as a visual metaphor, with the aim of crafting an that icon could standalone in brand communications.”

In body and Inspirit

The final symbol we crafted, known as ‘Inspirit’, stands as an emblem for the core principles of the Sandoro brand. The Inspirit embodies rejuvenation and renewal. It instills spirit and gives life to things that once were considered old. It can be used independently as a device across all brand application platforms as a stamp of authority.

The Sandoro name is cut from an all lowercase bespoke typeface that complements the Inspirit symbol, with consistent curves and geometric lines.

The remaining components of the visual identity all play a major role in communicating the essence of Sandoro. We mixed the clean, sharp, technology focused Titillium font as the primary headline display typeface, with the confidence of Zilla Slab for supporting headings and the flexibility of efficiency of Rubik Regular for main body copy. The colour palette was specifically chosen to portray trust and reliability with a range of blues but with an infusion of bright and vibrant yellows to add personality and character.

Putting a smile on your interface

Our final scope of work was to create a robust set of UI elements that would help the internal team to construct the online experience for Sandoro. We created a full library of components, including form elements, buttons, banners, tooltips, message boxes, sliders, toggles, etc; maintaining a consistent experience for all digital channels.

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